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Sagging Floor Repair

If you happen to notice that certain areas of your home is sagging or sloping, we encourgage you to have this inspected by a local SafeBasementsTM dealer. Our dealer network is made up of a network of certified basement waterpoofing, crawl space, and foundation experts. They can pinpoint the root cause of your sagging floors, and provide an estimate for repair using our crawl space repair solutions.

What Is The Cause Of Sagging Floors

  • Waterproofing Problems

    Moisture in an unsealed crawlspace can be your #1 cause for a sagging or sloping floor.

    There are a few ways to reduce the amount of moisture in a crawlspace:

    • First, you could have a dehumidifier installed from a SafeBasementsTM dealer to eliminate excess amounts of humidity in the air. Of course, you must first have the crawlspace sealed from outside air, otherwise, the dehumidifier would need to be running constantly.

    • Another way to get prevent an abundant amounts of moisture is to have our crawlspace vapor barrier system installed.

      A vapor barrier system will prevent water vapor and excess humidity from getting inside. It acts as a seal, protecting your home from not only water, but possible mold/mildew growth, wood rot, and from unwanted pests, such as termites.

  • House Settlement

    Settling of columns in a crawlspace is most often caused by weak foundation soils or weak support columns. These columns will sometimes shift or settle, causing the floor to dip in certain spots. Moisture in the crawl space will soften the soil and allow it to shift the support and the floor above it.

    Included with our crawl space repair products is a solution to sagging floor repair. Our certified dealers often are able to repair a sagging floor by stabilizing the floor beams, or joists by using a crawl space support system that is able to support tens of thousands of pounds, thus helping to restore your home's structural integrity.

    We can also waterproof the crawl space area with vapor barriers and sump pumps to prevent potential water problems.

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