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What Are Push Piers?

Push piers (also referred to as jacked piles, resistance piers, or hydraulically driven piers), are heavy duty steel piping constructed to address foundation settlement problems.

Signs Of Foundation Settlement


Watch our video of push piers being installed to learn more about the process.

Advantages Of SafeBaseTM Push Piers

These piers are made from strong, solid, dependable metal materials that will stand up tough in the dirt surrounding your home. Their main function is to address poor soil conditions by transferring the weight of your home off the failing foundation, and onto themselves. Over time, this will help to push your home back up to the level where it needs to be.

  •   •Cost effective repair
  •   •Permanent repair solution
  •   •Each pier is load tested
  •   •25 year warranty
  •   •No further dropping or settlement will occur; foundation is completely stabilized
  •   •Depending on number of piers needed, installation is done quickly

The SafeBaseTM Push Pier system is a permanent foundation repair solution addressing the foundation settlement problem. Poor soil conditions! Contact us to learn more about SafeBaseTM push piers or find a SafeBasementsTM dealer near you who can fix your settlement problem.

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