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Jesse Trebil and his wife Lori started Trebil Foundation Systems over 20 years ago. From it modest beginnings Trebil Foundation Systems developed into what has become one of the most respected basement waterproofing and foundation repair companies in the industry today.

Seeing a need for better and safer products Jesse split Trebil Foundation Systems into two companies: SafeBasements of Minnesota and SafeBasements™ Inc. SafeBasements™ Inc. is a foundation repair and waterproofing product manufacturer whose products are sold only to qualified contractors that adhere to the same quality standard that has made SafeBasements™ of Minnesota a leader in both customer satisfaction and product reliability.

What drives us:

SafeBasements™ Inc. is a family owned business. We’ve been waterproofing basements since the early 70’s installing drain tile and tube systems for the bulk of those years. Over time, we realized the need for something better and designed the SafeBasements™ Waterproofing System.

After researching all the products on the market, we found that most national waterproofing company’s products did not solve the main concerns we had. We feel a strong responsibility to supply our customers with the very best. That is our duty as professionals. It appeared that the industry had focused on showy marketing and ease of installation over quality. We realized if we didn’t do something new, that the customer would lose in the end and the contractor’s reputation becomes jeopardized.

We feel it is very important to lower the water table below the floor and dry the subsoil, giving the homeowner a dry floor and dry air in the basement. So many companies fail to dry the basement properly and resort to installing an incomplete system (studies at the University of Minnesota show an incomplete waterproofing system only makes the problem worse).

We as an industry cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the radon issue. I had a professor tell me that, “all waterproofing contractors are criminals!” He stated, “You guys save the structure from water and kill the people inside with radon”. We do not want to be part of that problem! At SafeBasements™ we are addressing the issues other waterproofing companies ignore. Our line of products is far superior to the competitors and is designed to give customers more than they expect.

Our dealers can be confident they will be installing the very best, because our system is implements cutting edge technology, designed using our nearly 40 years of experience, while consulting with engineers and professors that study these issues. That is exciting, I never want to sell the number 2 or 3 product. As a business owner I feel a responsibility to my customers and my employees to have only the best.

By becoming one of our dealers, our promise to you is to supply you with training, marketing materials, the highest quality waterproofing products, ongoing research, and an open mind while we listen to our dealers looking for ideas that can make our network the most successful in the industry!

Jesse Trebil

SafeBasements, Inc.™

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