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SafeBaseTM Helical Piers

Superb Quality and Installer-Friendly Design Piers

Installing helical piers for a new construction job

Our helical piers were designed with the working contractor in mind. SafeBaseTM helical piers can be installed in all weather conditions, and installation is easier due to only needing small equipment for install. They install without costly and messy excavation, and allow concrete to be poured immediately after being placed in the ground.

If you have a building that is unstable, or located in a windy area, helical piers are the answer. Helical piers help support the weight of heavy commercial columns and wall loads. These work by being "screwed" into the ground, to the appropriate depths of hard bedrock or stable soil, then being bolted or molded into the structures foundation with concrete.

This will allow the weight of the structure to be transferred from unstable or weak soil, to stable soil or bedrock. Helical piers can also be used to anchor buildings or structures to the ground.

SafeBaseTM Helical Piers Benefits

  • Installs in all weather conditions

  • Installation made with smaller equipment

  • Installs quickly without costly excavation

  • Concrete can be poured immediately after installation

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2 Flight Lead 3 Flight Lead Extension New Construction Cap Galvanized Bracket Tieback Adapter Assembly Helical Tieback Adapter Cap Galvanized Helical Stabilizer Assembly Galvanized Helical Stabilizer Assembled Helical Drive Head Assembly X7K5 Helical Drive Head Assembly T12K



SafeBaseTM Helical Piers SafeBaseTM Helical Piers

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