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SaberTooth Pier Bracket

SaberTooth Pier Bracket


The SafeBaseTM SaberToothTM (patented) is stronger and lighter than its predecessors. Designed to work with the SafeBaseTM Pier system it’s unique plate locking construction allows better weight transfer through the bracket. Each standard bracket weighs in at 38 lbs. and has a 100 Kip ultimate capacity (50 Kip load with a 2X safety factor), while our patented light duty version (LD SaberToothTM) has a 85 Kip capacity. Four teeth, adjustable stand-offs and a locking reinforcement sleeve work together to keep the bracket in place and immovable during installation. The patented saber-teeth also keep 3 x 5 box steel in place for easily spanning weak foundation footings. Each bracket is constructed from interlocking steel pieces that fit together before being welded robotically.

Our patented SaberToothTM bracket is ideal for permanently addressing poor soil conditions which cause foundation setting. The SaberToothTM can lift or stabilize failing foundations through use of helical or push piers.

SaberTooth Benefits:

  • Strong (100 Kip max capacity)
  • Lightweight (38 lbs. per bracket)
  • 25 Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Load tested
  • Cost effective
  • Permanent repair solution
  • Sleeve-LockTM locking reinforcing technology


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SaberTooth Pier Bracket SaberTooth Pier Bracket SaberTooth Pier Bracket SaberTooth Pier Bracket

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