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SafeEdge MAX Low Profile™ Waterproofing System

Remove Water Without Removing Finished Walls

SafeEdge MAX Low Profile

The SafeEdge MAX Low Profile™ adheres to the same main goals and features of SafeEdge MAX™. They both come in 5 ft. lengths, have overlapping seals, and have our patented closed cell foam seal which prevents moisture and gasses from entering your home.

Where they vary is that the SafeEdge MAX Low Profile™ design allows it to be used under existing finished walls up to 8” deep. This means that the product can be installed without having to remove the finished wall itself. The SafeEdge MAX Low Profile™ is also part of the SafeBasements waterproofing system.

SafeEdge MAX Low Profile™ Benefits

  •   Installed under finished walls
  •   Minimizes airflow between edge and wall
  •   Radon mitigation ready
  •   Overflow protection
  •   Semi sealed system improves indoor air quality
  •   Foam backing can hold vapor barriers in place
  •   High water flow allowance can prevent flooding
  •   Increased wall and footer contact points provide optimal structural stability

Photo Gallery

SafeEdge™ Low Profile Section SafeEdge™ Low Profile Section Outside Corner SafeEdge™ Low Profile Section Inside Corner


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