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Radon Testing Services

Testing For Radon Gas In Homes

Radon mitigation refers to the process that a homeowner can take to lessen and eliminate the presence of radon gases in their home. It is highly advised that you have two radon tests from Safe Basements dealer performed in order to confirm the radon levels existing in your family's home.

Radon Removal & Mitigation

This can be done in a variety of different ways. Depending on how much radon your home has, various removal techniques and products may be used by the SafeBasementsTM dealer in your area.

A lot of our radon mitigation systems will involve the installation of a sub-slab depressurization system which stops radon from getting into your living space. This type of mitigation system in an already built home involves creating pits underneath the slab and interlinking them through a network of PVC piping. A fan is placed in one end of the system and will be used to force air, and any radon present, safely out of the home at your roof level. There are also some radon mitigation systems available with constant flow in addition to ones with radon level-detection technologies. The price for a system like this will vary depending on the size and capacity that you choose. An inspection is required to get a good idea of the price for your particular situation.

Note: All SafeBasementsTM Waterproofing products are radon compatible and work in conjunction with standard mitigation processes.

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