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Floor and Wall Gaps

Do you have gaps in the walls and floors of your home? This could be from foundation shifting and settlement. The most common cause of foundation shifting and movement is seasonal shrinking and swelling of the soils located around its perimeter. When the moisture content of expansive soil goes up, the soil starts to become swollen. When the moisture content decreases, the soil starts to shrink. Consequently, the soil underneath a house shrinks and swells along with the changing seasons and the house and foundation will move up or down.

Another common cause of foundation settlement is poor yard drainage. As stated earlier, any added moisture can cause expansive soil to become swollen. Therefore, areas of poor yard drainage near the foundation can cause that soil under the foundation to become swollen and result in the upward movement of the foundation itself.

Another cause of foundation movement is placing a home on improperly compacted soil or fill materials. If the soil was not properly compacted before the construction, then the foundation of that home may settle or shift based on soil compression.

Another commonly seen cause of foundation shifting and settlement is from plumbing pipe leaks. When a plumbing pipe leak occurs under the concrete slab of your foundation, the balance of moisture is altered. As this moisture is added to the soil, the foundation will start to move or settle. Depending upon the type of soil around your home, soil density, and the moisture level prior to the leak, the degree of the foundation movement and the type of the foundation movement will vary significantly.

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Signs and Symptoms of Foundation Problems

  • Cracks in sheetrock materials

  • Cracks on your walls

  • Cracks on ceilings

  • Cracks in brickwork

  • Cracks in rock

  • Garage wall leaning/tilting

  • Garage wall separating from garage door

  • Chimneys leaning/tilting away from house

  • Bricks pulling away from windows

  • Bricks pulling away from doors

  • Windows that are hard to shut or open

  • Windows that are sticking or are not aligned

  • Gaps between ceiling and walls

  • Gaps between floor and walls

  • Floors that are not level

  • Floors that are uneven

  • Floors that have cracks

  • Separation of trim work at corners

  • Sagging roofing

  • Nails that are backing out of the sheetrock

Once foundation settlement occurs, additional support systems from Safe Basements need to be added underneath your foundation. With the correct pier placement and installation from a Safe Basements dealer, elevation losses caused from foundation settlement can be fixed quickly, generally closing cracks in the brickwork and fixing wall and floor gaps. Safe Basements offers products and solutions which can effectively take care of your floor and wall gaps brought on by foundation settlement. Please call us at 888-963-6892 to learn more about our products or to find a dealer in your area.


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