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The Right Dehumidifier for Your Needs

SafeBasementsTM makes use of Santa Fe dehumidifiers when dealing with high humidity levels in the basement. Moisture is the most common problem in basements — either entering from outside sources or being produced inside by the occupants’ activities. The soil around the walls can contain a large amount of moisture from surface water that is seeping down or from a high water table.

Santa Fe offers several different models to accomdate any size room or area affected with high moisture content. These dehumidifiers can be installed quickly in the basement, and we have a variety of models available. The dehumidifier will control the levels of humidity in the air, so that the homeowner won't need to worry about dangerous mold growth, or the other problems it can lead to.

SantaFe Classic

Ranked as one of the most energy-efficient residential dehumidifiers on the market, the American-made Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier eliminates mold and mildew problems in large humid basements and crawl spaces. The Classic removes 110 pints of moisture per day under AHAM conditions (80 degrees F at 60% RH) and approximately 220 pints at saturation (100% relative humidity). It dehumidifies spaces as large as 2,500 square feet and does it with Energy Star efficiency. This dehumidifier operates in temperatures as low as 56 degrees.

  • Superior Efficiency - The Classic removes more moisture per kilowatt hour than many conventional residential dehumidifiers at the same or an even lower operating cost.
  • Reliable Long Life - Solid internal construction and a heavy-duty cabinet contribute to years of reliable moisture control.
  • Independent Fan Control - An independent fan switch allows you to run the fan continuously for better distribution of dehumidified air or only when the compressor is actively dehumidifying.
  • Size - Measuring 36 inches high by 20 inches wide and 17 inches deep, the Classic is not compact. However, efficient operation, high capacity, and unbeaten reliability make it a great choice for long-term humidity control in large spaces.

SantaFe Force Dehumidifier

Humid crawl spaces and clammy basements are no match for the Santa Fe Force Dehumidifier. As Santa Fe's newest crawl space dehumidifier, the Force controls damaging humidity in large crawl spaces and basements measuring up to 2,900 square feet. Under standard rating conditions (80 degrees F, 60% relative humidity), the Santa Fe Force extracts up to 120 pints of moisture per day and an impressive 240 pints in a saturated environment.

Energy Star-qualified, easy to use, and engineered for low-cost operation, the Force restores healthy indoor air quality without breaking your budget.

We also offer a variety of accessories including:

  • MERV 8 & 11 Replacement filters (can be single filter or bundled in packs)
  • Condensate Pump Kit - Optional condensate pump kit allows the Santa Fe Advance 2 and Santa Fe Force to eliminate collected water when using a gravity drain is not possible.
  • Replacement leveling feet - Places spacing between the floor and unit. Comes in a set of 4.
  • Flex Duct - This accesory makes it a simple task to dehumidify from an out-of-sight space or in multiple areas. Ducting is flexible and bendable to accommodate most applications. Available in several lengths for your needs. We also offer an insulated version as well.
  • Flex Insulated Duct - The insulated construction provides additional energy efficiency for the dehumidifiers.
  • Muffle Kit - There will be applications when installed near a workstation, home theater, or other setup where the quietest operation possible will be desired. This accessory decreases the sound emitted from the dehumidifier by muffling the supply (exhaust) air outlet.
  • Duct Kit With Supply Collar - This optional ducting kit for the Santa Fe Classic provides dehumidifying for multiple rooms. The kit includes 2 seperate intakes (a 6 in. and an 8 in.), with an 8-in. exhaust collar.

Dehumidifier Benefits

  • All units are Energy Star® certified

  • Large capacity

  • Designed specifically for basements and crawl spaces

  • All Santa Fe Dehumidifiers are covered with one of the best warranties in the industry.

  • Commercial quality

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SantaFe Classic Dehumidifier SantaFe Force Dehumidifier Flex Insulated Duct Pre Filter Replacement Filter Condensate Pump 6 inch Inlet/Exhaust Hood

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