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How Are Basement Cracks Formed?

Concrete basement wall cracks is a common issue in nearly all basements all over the country. Builders and contractors plan for this concrete cracking by placing steel reinforcing inside of the concrete walls during construction.

Even though the concrete has been cracked, this reinforcement maintains the strength of the wall. However, you shouldn't ignore your cracked basement walls as they can cause structural problems for your entire home.

Water Seepage

Unfortunately, even the smallest cracks allow water to get inside your basement. Homes built in current times have a waterproofing system installed in their basement, to divert water away from the home. Older homes are more vulnerable to water seepage since they typically don't have a sufficient waterproofing systems in place. Without a proper way to mitigate incoming water entering the basement, there is a risk of basement flood occuring.

Bowed and Buckling Walls

Excess moisture causes the dirt to swell up and it puts a lot of pressure on your basement walls. This is known as hydrostatic pressure. The longer you wait to get this problem taken care of, the more likely it becomes that the wall will actually collapse in on itself!

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If you're in need of a basement crack repair or bowed wall repair, we can put you in contact with a local SafeBasementsTM dealer, that specializes in foundation repair. They will inspect your basement and identify the severity of the crack.

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