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Cracked Brickwork

Everyone with a brick home knows how annoying and frustrating it can be to have brickwork with cracks and chips. This type of damage can be dangerous to your home, as well as somewhat costly to repair. Waiting to fix the problem will cause the damage to spread and get much worse over time. This will increase the price and the difficulty of repairing the cracked brickwork at your home.

A foundation repair contractor from SafeBasementsTM network of experts can provide you a thorough inspection of your damaged brickwork, and locate the source of the cracks. Most of the time, if you see cracked bricks on the side of homes, it's due to a shift in the home's foundation. This problem is commonly known as foundation settlement.

Foundation Settlement

If there are many cracked bricks in your foundation, you need to have a foundation repair contractor look at your foundation as soon as possible. This could be the early signs of foundation problems that could compromise the structural integrity of your home. This is especially true if the foundation crack is long and continuous. This type of crack could be an early sign of settlement of the wall.

Typically, it will be caused by poor soil compaction around a home, creating voids beneath the property that the home will eventually sink into. To fix this issue, we offer push piers that can be placed underneath the home's foundation, and push it back up to level. Our piering system has been researched and tested to effectively lift homes back to their proper level.

We recommend you get in touch with a foundation expert from SafeBasementsTM Dealer Network. Our dealers are trained in fixing foundation settlement issues using our patented foundation repair products.

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