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Bowed Walls and Bowed Wall Repair

When it comes to having bowed walls, a lot of homeowners may not know the cause of the issue or the proper way to fix it. Basement walls move and shift around for a variety of reasons, including standing water from a lack of yard drainage, or from an insufficient basement drainage system.

  • SafeBaseTM Wall Anchors - Wall plate anchors are a very affordable and simple solution that we offer for many bowed wall problems. These wall anchors can restore the structural integrity of your entire home without major renovation or excavation work. One of the many benefits of SafeBaseTM wall plate anchors is the fact that they are not unsightly in the basement like some other repair methods. A thin high strength steel wall plate is the only thing you'll be able to see from the inside with our bowed wall products.

  • SafeBaseTM Waler Wall Support System - In connection to wall anchors, we also offer a wall support system that works directly with the wall anchor system. The SafeBaseTM Waler Wall Support System is engineered to add structural stability to a previously bowed wall.

  • Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Supports - Rhino's carbon fiber straps will permanently repair cracked, or bowing foundation walls without steel I-beams or tie-backs, leaving your walls with no unsightly obstructions and ready to paint. Installation time is fast and the effects are immediate.

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