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SafeBaseTM Wall Anchors

Restore Strength Back To The Basement Wall

SafeBasements™ patented wall anchor system fixes bowed basement walls. The purpose of the wall anchor is to restore lateral strength to the wall, also allowing you to pull the wall straight using the natural expansion, and contraction of the soil.

When the wall anchor is installed and the grade is raised, the lateral strength is restored and will resist the forces exerted by the expanding soil.


When the home goes through wet and dry cycles, the soils natural expansion and contraction is minimized. This is because the water runs away leaving the soil adjacent to the wall with a consistent moisture content. Wall anchors are adjustable allowing them to be tightened during dry weather. When the soil dries and shrinks away from the wall leaving a gap, the anchors can now be tightened, which will pull the wall straight.

The SafeBase™ Anchor Assembly kit (regular and straight embossed style) includes:

  • 1 Outside ground plate
  • 1 inside wall plate
  • 1 locking rod end
  • 1 ball nut
  • 1 socket washer
  • 1 sleeve
  • 1 locking coupler
  • 2 threaded rods

See how our wall anchors and plates compare by clicking a topic below:

SafeBase™ Wall Anchors vs. Traditional Anchors

SafeBase™ Wall Anchor

  • 10 to 20 minute installation time, per anchor
  • Almost no labor involved to install
  • No mess in the yard
  • Able to use a larger earth anchor, for better holding capacity, being there isn't a hole to work in
  • "Ball and socket" hardware on the wall plate can adapt to any angle for a true torque to the earth anchor
  • Our anchors have gone through rigorous engineering and testing. they have been proven to be the strongest and easiest to install

Traditional Basement Wall Anchors

  • Require an excavated hole in the yard for every anchor. This is messy and requires maintenance as the soil settles

  • Hardware that is used is designed for a straight pull, The anchor rod is installed at a downhill angle, and the hardware contradicts each other causing a binding situation. This problem greatly reduces the effectiveness of the wall anchor, resulting in no pull on the earth plate

  • Because The earth anchor is installed in soft excavated soil, it has a soft or spongy reaction to the torque that is applied

  • 1 to 2 hour installation time

  • Labor intensive to install

  • Made using old, dated technology

  • The size of the excavated hole in the yard restricts the size of the anchor to be used. Resulting in less holding power

basement wall anchor

Comparing Wall Anchor Plates

SafeBasements™ Basement Wall Anchor Plates

  • Patented rounded nut allows for proper torque readings

  • Can be installed, typically, in one day or less

  • Torque nut makes full contact with plate

  • Maximizes proper pull to the earth anchor

Traditional Basement Wall Anchor Plates

  • Can easily be over-tightened, causing rod to bend

  • Square nut causes improper torque readings

  • Corner of nut makes contact first, causing the nut and threads to bind

  • Improper torque readings causes minimal pull to earth anchor

  • Excavated earth is soft, allowing the earth anchor to shift towards the wall plate

basement wall anchor

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Anchor Assembly Inside Wall Plate Inside Wall Plate - Large Inside Wall Plate - Straight Embossed Earth Plate Threaded Rods Wall Sleeve Locking Coupler Locking Rod End Ball Nut Socket Washer



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