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SafeBaseTM Push Piers

Permanently Addressing Poor Soil Conditions

The SafeBase™ Push Pier system is a permanent foundation repair solution addressing the foundation settlement problem. Poor soil conditions! Common solutions to address this issue would be to remove or replace the foundation. This is a costly method which will fail because the real issue has not been addressed. Unstable soil! The SafeBase™ Push Pier system addresses this issue by driving through the failing soil to the stable soil below.


aframe push pierThe SafeBase™ Push Pier system is a permanent solution that will not fail! SafeBase™ Push Piers are designed to stabilize and/or lift foundations by transferring the weight of the home from unstable soil to the suitable more stable soils below. This is achieved by hydraulically driving push pier sections through a bracket (which is attached to the foundation footing) until they reach stable soil. Stable soils are determined by load testing every pier as they are being installed. They are hydraulically driven until they reach the desired resistance, giving them a safety factor of two to three.

Our push pier system comes in several configuration including:

  • Standard duty
  • Light duty
  • Heavy duty
  • Commercial duty

SafeBase™ Push Piers Benefits

  • Cost effective repair
  • Permanent repair solution
  • Each pier is load tested
  • 25 year warranty

SafeBase™ Hydraulic Starter Packs

We also offer several starter packs for our piering systems:

SafeBase™ Hydraulic Pack

SafeBase Hydraulic Pack
  • SafeBase™ hydraulic base
  • Controller
  • 10' hoses x 2

Hydraulic Starter 10 Pack Complete

Hydraulic Starter 10 Pack Complete
  • SafeBase hydraulic pack
  • Controller
  • Lift cylinders with hardware x10
  • 10' hoses x2
  • 25' hoses x2

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Slab T-Bracket Assembly Pier Bracket Assembly Flush Mount SaberTooth Bracket Assembly 2° Tilt LD Assembly Push Pins SD Starter SD Reinforcing Sleeve Top Cap Coupler SD 3 in Tube Extension Pier Tube Cutoff Guide Pier Bracket Template Shorty SaberTooth Bracket Jack Lift Cylinder Assembly Auxiliary Hydraulic Tank Hydraulic Ram Controller SafeBase™ A Frame Assembly A Frame Cylinder A Frame Driver Foot



SafeBaseTM Push Piers SafeBaseTM Push Piers SafeBaseTM Push Piers SafeBaseTM Push Piers

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