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Crawl Space Sump Pump Baskets

Sealed and Protected Sump Pump

Sump Basket Crawl Space Square

SafeBasements™ has specially designed a sump basket just for crawl spaces. The same technology and quality that we put into our regular basket design is used to keep a basement dry.They also have the large-lipped lid which allows the use of our sealing tape to ensure the system is tightly closed and free from any dangerous radon gases from below.

The Sump Basket & Hinged Lid Crawl Space Square is a perfect solution for any small-spaced project, as it was constructed with only a 15” height. Although its height is reduced, the basket still manages to reach a 28-gallon holding capacity. This is due to its tapered designed, which measures in width 20” at the top and 22” at the bottom.

The Round Crawl Space Basket was designed to be able to expand once through a narrow crawlspace access. Fully expanded is has a height of 19” and collapsed only 11.5”. This basket is easy to assemble, includes stainless steel hardware, and boasts an 18-gallon holding capacity. Additionally, our lid is designed to work seamlessly with encapsulation for a clean, no tape finish around our radon ready lid.

Sump Pump Baskets Benefits

  • Sealed state of the art sump basket

  • Clear lids for easy inspections

  • Contains radon and subsoil gases

  • Baskets specifically designed for maneuvering in crawl spaces

  • Round Crawl Space Basket allows ability to expand once in a crawlspace

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Crawl Space Sump Basket & Hinged Lid – Square Crawl Space Sump Basket & Hinged Lid – Round Clear lids for sump pump baskets


Crawl Space Sump Pump Baskets Crawl Space Sump Pump Baskets

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