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SafeTrackTM Waterproofing System

No Excavation Required

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The SafeTrackTM waterproofing system are specifically designed to solve basement wall water problems. As with all SafeBasementsTM waterproofing products, they have our rubber seal which allows water to pass into the system but minimizes dangerous soil gasses (Radon) from entering the living area of the home. Unlike previous waterproofing technology, our system requires no excavation and there is no damage to any structural elements in your basement.

SafeTrackTM Benefits

  • No excavation is required

  • No damage to the structure of the basement

  • Lowering the soil gasses that can enter the home through the cove joint

Installation Procedure

  1. The concrete surface adjacent to the perimeter block wall is scarified.
  2. Weep holes are drilled in the block cells and mortar joints.
  3. The floor is cleaned with fresh water several times.
  4. The drain for the SafeTrackTM is attached to the sump pump
  5. Two-Part epoxy is installed and the SafeTrackTM is placed into position.
  6. Epoxy is cleaned and the track is left to cure.
  7. The SafeTrackTM system is flood tested for any leaks.

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SafeTrack™ SafeTrack™ Inside Corner SafeTrack™ Outside Corner SafeTrack™ Adhesive - Case of 6


Safe Base Track and Drain Safe Base Track and Drain Safe Base Track and Drain Safe Base Track and Drain

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