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SafeEdgeTM Waterproofing System

Divert Water Away From The Basement

The SafeEdge

The SafeEdgeTM was engineered to take the incoming moisture at the cove joint, the area where the wall and floor meet, and divert it down under the slab into a drain tile system which is installed alongside the foundation's footer, the base of the foundation. The SafeEdgeTM is a component of SafeBasementsTM premium basement waterproofing system.

Its patented design with a rubber seal on the back presses against the wall to aid in preventing moisture and soil gasses from entering your home, helping to create healthy air in your home. SafeEdgeTM is available in 2 height configurations to accommodate a finished basement or an unfinished basement. The SafeEdge comes in several parts including to help accommodate most basement layouts.

SafeEdgeTM Benefits

  • Minimizes airflow between edge and wall

  • Radon and moisture vapor seal

  • Overflow protection

  • Allows condensation from wall to drain into tile system

  • Semi sealed system improves indoor air quality

  • Rubber tab holds vapor barrier in place

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SafeEdge™ SafeEdge™ Low Profile Section SafeEdge™ Low Profile Section Outside Corner SafeEdge™ Low Profile Section Inside Corner SafeEdge™ Corner - Z SafeEdge™ Outside Corner


SafeBasements Basement Waterproofing SafeBasements Basement Waterproofing SafeBasements Basement Waterproofing SafeBasements Basement Waterproofing

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