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SafeEdge MAXTM Waterproofing System

The Best Just Got Better!


SafeEdge MAX provides all the same advantages as SafeEdge. SafeEdge MAX has three main goals:

  1. To create a semi-sealed waterproofing system.
  2. To make a structurally stable connection between footer and wall
  3. To provide optimal drainage of water into the sump system.

In addition to these points, SafeEdge MAX comes in 5 ft. lengths and has overlapping seals. It’s also part of the SafeBasements waterproofing system.

Our patented design has a closed cell foam seal on the back which presses against the wall and prevents moisture and soil gasses from entering your home or building.

SafeEdge MaxTM Benefits

  • Minimizes airflow between edge and wall

  • Radon mitigation ready

  • Overflow protection

  • Allows drainage from wall condensation into tile system

  • Semi-sealed system improves indoor air quality

  • Foam backing can hold vapor barriers in place

  • High water flow allowance can prevent flooding

  • Increased wall and footer contact points provide optimal structural stability

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