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SafeEdge Low Profile™ Waterproofing System

Remove Water Without Removing Finished Walls


The SafeEdge Low Profile™ is engineered to take and divert moisture the exact same way as SafeEdge™. The difference is that the SafeEdge Low Profile™ design allows it to be used under existing finished walls up to 8 in. deep, without having to remove the finished wall itself. The SafeEdge Low Profile™ is a component of our SafeBasements waterproofing system.

Like its predecessor, this product is still designed with the patented rubber seal to help create healthy air in your home. It also features welded plastic joints, which mean no leaks and leaves you with a clean, finished look. The SafeEdge Low Profile™ comes in several parts to help accommodate most basement layouts.

SafeEdge Low Profile™ Benefits

  •   Installed under finished walls
  •   Minimizes airflow between edge and wall
  •   Radon and moisture vapor seal
  •   Overflow protection
  •   Allows condensation from wall to drain into tile system
  •   Semi sealed system improves indoor air quality
  •   Rubber tab holds vapor barrier in place
  •   Welded plastic joints prevent leaks and give clean look

Photo Gallery

SafeEdge™ Low Profile Section SafeEdge™ Low Profile Section Outside Corner SafeEdge™ Low Profile Section Inside Corner


SafeBasements Basement Waterproofing SafeBasements Basement Waterproofing SafeBasements Basement Waterproofing SafeBasements Basement Waterproofing

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Review Of Foundation Restoration Inc in Brookfield, IL
It took three waterproofing companies to get it (mostly) wrong, then a guy who just happens to ring my doorbell gets it right! : )

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