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E3TM Wall System

Environmentally-Friendly Basement Wall System

 E3 Wall System is currently out of stock from the manufacturer 

The E3 Wall System is a non-load bearing free standing energy wall, and it is known for its efficiency, and for being made from environmentally-friendly materials. This basement wall system will help transform an unfinished basement wall into an insulated, and safe wall that is ready to finish. You could choose to leave these walls as-is, or you could choose to paint over them with whatever color you would like.

The E3 Wall System can be used as the following:

  • Basement finishing for concrete walls
  • Divider walls
  • Theater rooms
  • Soundproofing certain rooms or areas off in the basement
  • Fixing walls in damp environments

This system also works well with the SafeBasementTM Premium Basement Waterproofing System.


  • Internal electrical conduit for easy wiring

  • Pre-cut foam for easy 16" on center wall layout

    2 1/2" closed cell insulation for a true R-10 value

    Studs manufactured from 100% recycled, high-density polyethylene materials

    Will never rot, warp, or decay

    No organic materials used in material which could support mold and fungus growth

Installation Procedure

  1. The wall is prepared. A vapor barrier is installed.
  2. The E3 wall is spread out for the installation.
  3. The E3 wall base channel is attached at the basement cove (where the wall meets the floor).
  4. The E3 top plate is attached toward the basement ceiling.
  5. The E3 wall foam and E3 I-beams are installed.

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SafeBasements E3 Wall basement finishing system SafeBasements E3 Wall basement finishing system

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