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Leaking Basement Walls

If you have leaky basement walls, it will not only decrease the value of your home, it can also sit as a wasted and unsafe space for your family and your possessions. There are several causes for wet basement walls, and SafeBasementsTM has solutions to mitigate the issue your home may have.

Moisture and Wall Cracks

If your basement has a musty and bad smell, it is likely a sign of high humidity levels and moisture. This odor is the direct result of the growth of mold. Where does mold come from, you might be wondering. Mold is grown in areas with high levels of humidity and moisture. Fortunately SafeBasementsTM offers products to help mitigate high humidity levels in the basement. Our dealers can install SantaFe Dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity, and properly dry out your wet basement.

Wall-Floor Joint Wetness

A majority of homes with leaky basement walls have a buildup of excess moisture and humidity in areas where the wall meets the floor. This is called the basement wall-floor joint. This buildup of moisture is often caused by heavy rainstorm, improper slope of the home, an ineffective gutter or from an insufficient sump pump system.

If you're in need of a basement waterproofing contractor, contact a local SafeBasementsTM dealer to schedule an estimate. Our dealers are trained and equipped to properly address wet basement issues such as wet basement walls, with our premium basement waterproofing products. With several components designed to properly drain water in the basement, your basement can be made safe once again.

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