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About Midwest Basement Tech

Midwest Basement Tech is a fully insured specialist in waterproofing and foundation repairs. A family-owned business established in 1978. We have viewed thousands of problem foundations over the years. We at Midwest know what will or will not work for your home’s foundation. Midwest is a hi-tech specialty firm which utilizes nationally known patented waterproofing and foundation repair methods and materials in addition to providing specialized engineered systems and material usage of our own design. Unlike many of our competitors, you are not limited to one method of repair that may or may not solve your problem. We at Midwest are able to evaluate and recommend the best possible solution for your specific foundation problem.

Homeowners, realty firms, builders, architects, and engineers will attest to the quality, reliability and service satisfaction of the firm. Midwest believes in old fashion quality and it shows from start to finish. You will find our team of professionals available to assist you with your homes waterproofing and foundation repair needs.


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104 Ransom St
Brighton, IL 62012


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