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Problem Signs: Drywall Cracks

Drywall Crack Repair

It is not very uncommon for a homeowner to detect drywall cracks in their home. This goes for new homes as well as for ones built 25, 50, or 100 years ago. While some drywall cracks can be a sign that there's an issue with foundation settlement, some drywall cracks may just be from normal foundation movement.

Minor foundation shrinkage related drywall cracks are common in new as well as older homes. Poured concrete shrinks as it dries and starts to settle. As the concrete shrinks, small cracks may start to develop over time along basement windows, door openings, or around trim work and corners. These are known as stress or surface cracks. These cracks are less than an inch wide and don't necessarily affect your entire home's structural integrity. If you see small cracks in a new foundation, or an old foundation for that matter, don't immediately start to worry. The main concern with these tiny cracks is water seepage as well as drywall cracks from the foundation settlement.

The same can be true of cracks in the drywall of the home. Stress or settling cracks from foundation settlement will be small in size, less than one inch, and go at a 45 degree angle from the corner of a door frame, window, or corner.

Safe Basements offers effective drywall crack repair products for fixing the cracks. This is a job that is best left to the professionals. Please call us at 888-963-6892 to find a Safe Basements dealer in your area.

Repairing Drywall Cracks

Drywall cracks at your home need proper attention and care from Safe Basements dealers to be fixed correctly. The type of foundation or drywall crack that deems immediate attention is a horizontal crack. These drywall and foundation cracks are often accompanied by bowing, building, or tilting of the foundation wall itself. These types of cracks may indicate a foundation issue, which may be easy and simple to fix if caught early.

Our drywall crack repair products have been tested and proven to be effective at fixing drywall cracks, and in turn effective at preventing water seepage through the cracks into your home. Please contact Safe Basements at 888-963-6892 to find a dealer in your area today.

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