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Problem Signs: Cracked Basement Walls

Cracked Basement Wall Repair

Concrete basement wall cracks occur in nearly all basements all over the country. Builders and contractors plan for this concrete cracking by placing steel reinforcing inside of the concrete walls during construction. Even though the concrete has been cracked, this reinforcement maintains the strength of the wall. However, you shouldn't ignore your cracked basement walls as they can cause structural problems for your entire home.

Safe Basements provides basement wall crack repair products to get the horizontal or vertical crack repaired for good. There are dealers in your area who are ready to help. Please call us at 888-963-6892.

Ways Water Gets Into the Basement

Unfortunately, concrete basement wall cracks allow water to get inside your basement. Many houses built in current times have a waterproofing system on the outside of the foundation to help prevent water from accumulating outside of your foundation or inside of your basement. Older homes are more vulnerable to water leaking since they typically don't have any basement waterproofing systems in place. However, it is still possible for the basement wall crack to be too large for the waterproofing to stretch over the crack and the waterproofing surface on the wall rips apart and water can easily get inside.

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Basement Wall Crack Repair

Homeowners should contact Safe Basements at 888-963-6892 to find a dealer in their area for basement wall crack repair. They will be able to fill the basement wall crack from the inside of the basement and stop all water from getting inside and causing damage. Making the basement wall crack repair from the inside is a cost effective and simple method that does not disturb the soil and landscaping around the exterior of your home.

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